Making Dreams Come True

I’m Jasmine Rancel, the woman behind the scenes.  For as long as I can remember I have loved parties and having a great time. The excitement, the beauty, and the smiles have always drawn me to these types of settings.

As I've grown older, this passion and love for all things event planning became into what is now

The Gathering Place Co.

Jasmine Rancel

Founder & Creative Director

Turning a Vision into Reality with our Mission and Values

I believe that everyone deserves to have their special moment or event a reality. From the smallest detail to the biggest, there shouldn't be a stone left unturned.

I’ll show up and bring to life the event/picnic of your
dreams.  The best part is I’ll be there for every step along the way! I’ll be your personal cheerleader, your hype-woman, and go to guide for any recommendations you may need. If you need it, I'll make sure to make it happen! So let’s get into all the good stuff, shall we?


A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

I started The Gathering Place Co. with the intention of creating intimacy with others.  Living in South Florida, there are endless crowds and nightclubs with not enough time or space to have a quiet moment to enjoy company.

My purpose is to truly create a place for all to gather, which is why we cater only for groups of 2-25. Anything greater and the true touch of intimacy is lost. One day we may grow larger, but for now the smallest of spaces will do.  In each package, the attention to detail, the care for each picnic/event, and items within each package will make your time truly memorable.